domingo, 27 de maio de 2012

You can ignore but it exists persecuted Church

You can ignore but it exists
persecuted Church

There are several Muslim countries, and others who have dictators as leaders, where the gospel of Jesus Christ and fought very tightly causing the death and Christians were persecuted. But the Church of Christ, never surrender, Christians in all countries are even more complicated, are missionaries who have the courage to go into the IDE of the Lord, whose mission is to bring the gospel to all corners of the earth. This was the mission that Jesus gave to Christians. Unfortunately, the churches in Brazil and other countries, the great commission left hand, turned their backs are turned to churches within themselves, looking at his own navel, is that the worst are full of excuses, fail to send a mission to reform the Pulpit, or sends the missionary and then leaves only in the field. We have several witnesses. But the Lord still bet those who are in the field, the church can turn your back, but Christ is always there beside their sent to preach the gospel. You need an awakening and a revival of the great Brazilian church, with regard to missions, the great commission, because missions is at the heart of God.